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Welcome to NORML of North Carolina

NC NORML is working with local communities, by creating chapters across the state, to minimize and eliminate penalties for cannabis use, possession, and cultivation.

These changes will allow law enforcement to focus on violent criminals and thieves. Because a significant number of arrests in the United States are for simple possession of cannabis, a new approach to this issue will save NC taxpayers money by reducing the operating costs of law enforcement agencies and relieving the judicial and prison systems of unnecessary populations. Additionally, the prospect of entirely new tax revenues to the state would allow legislators to lessen the impact of budget cuts in education, infrastructure, and social programs.

We hope you find the information here useful and educational. NC NORML strives to provide objective information about the use, possession, and cultivation of cannabis, as well as information regarding our efforts to reform the law in North Carolina. As our effectiveness progresses, NC NORML will improve the website in order to encourage productive debates about the legalization of marijuana and to organize local chapters for direct political action.



A New Direction at North Carolina NORML

We have a new direction here at North Carolina NORML, a more proactive approach to cannabis activism. We’re have new chapters coming online to expand our presence in the state. We will also start including legislators and NORML lawyers in more of our activism.

A majority of adults and minor patients aren’t well served by extract only laws that exclude the ability to have dried flowers, smoke, or grow for yourself. Allowing someone to grow their own, or let another grow their plants is a must. All three provisions must remain in any bill introduced in order to make sure people can afford the cannabis they need. All adults as well as minor patients deserve reasonable access to the cannabis plant in the form that best helps them.

We must stand on a unified front in our activism, no matter what group we represent. We can have a much stronger impact in Raleigh with larger numbers joined together in the best interests of the sick and dying of North Carolina. The legislators and corporate interests controlling them are the ones we should focus all of our energy on. They have been responsible for not passing cannabis legislation in the past, against the wishes of their constituents. They must be held accountable for their actions.

Meanwhile, the black market keeps functioning, unnecessary drug violence is happening, our patients are still suffering and dying without need, veterans aren’t getting the care they deserve which is leading to twenty two suicides a day,  and opiates are still killing people at a twenty five percent higher rate in states without legal access to cannabis. We’re supposed to have the right to life according to the founding documents of this country. Why is our right to live ranked lower than the right to corporate profits?