Who Represents Me in North Carolina’s State Congress?

In North Carolina to pass a medical marijuana bill or legalize industrial hemp, we must persuade our representatives and senators in the General Assembly. Voters do not have the option of gathering enough signatures to put a referendum or initiative on the ballot. Instead we are dependent on our lawmakers to introduce these bills and to pass them with their counterparts in state Congress.

So to be effective North Carolina NORML encourages people to contact their representative and State Senator to find out how they stand on the issue of legalizing cannabis to varying degrees. Today most of North Carolina’s General Assembly feels that drugs are bad, marijuana is a drug, and therefore marijuana is bad. End of discussion. We need to reach out to each of them individually and engage them in this conversation with humility and compassion.

The first step is to know who your representatives are. Use this simple guide to find out today.

Go to the North Carolina General Assembly’s website

Find your representative in the House
Click on House.
Click on House Member List.
Locate your county and district. This will provide your Representative.
Click on your Representative’s name. This will provide the Representative’s contact information.

Find your senator
Click on Senate.
Click on Senate Members List.
Locate your county and district. This will provide your Senator.
Click on your Senator’s name. This will provide the Senator’s contact information.

Now you know. The next step is to contact them politely by phone and by hand written letter. Ask them their stance on medical marijuana, industrial hemp, and full legalization.

When you make contact with them, and you know how they stand on these issues, let us know through Facebook or email.


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