NC Representative Report Card – 2015 Medical Marijuana

North Carolina will will hold primaries on March 15, 2016. Candidate Filing Dates are December 1 – December 21, 2015. NC NORML will update this scorecard with information regarding incumbents and challengers. You can help by contacting your representative and their challenger(s) to find out whether s/he will support medical and decriminalization bills if elected, and let us know where they stand. If your representative has been a supporter of medical marijuana, decriminalization, and hemp in the past, be sure to thank her/him, and encourage your friends/family to support them also.

2 comments on “NC Representative Report Card – 2015 Medical Marijuana”

  • If we the people : 1) vote those out of office that are not doing the will of the people , we would get what we want a lot sooner. :2) use jury nullification ( vote not guilty on marijuana charges) and show the courts and politician’s that the marijuana law’s are out dated . Then THEY would have to do the people’s will !

  • this is appreciated, but we need an update. Like, what is happening now? after this nightmare mockery of a presidential election here in 2016? This Jeff Sessions. he seems straight out of reefer madness times and as a long time cancer Warrior, I dont have the luxury of waiting out this zealot. I moved here because mistakenly said NC was a compassionate care state, which ahhhh, was wrong. clock is ticking for too many of us while bills are “floored”, “tabled” or “swept under”. Tick Tock.

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