KENDRA MARTIN: Patient Squad

Kendra and Ali

Patients are in desperate need of medical cannabis in North Carolina. So far, writing and calling our elected has us nowhere. We need visible patients, their caregivers and helpful able-bodied patients and advocates assisting the effort to meet respectfully with our elected. We need to tell our stories and be heard. Everyone has a part to play in medical cannabis reform here in NC.

Please contact your local NC NORML affiliate or the North Carolina Cannabis Patients Network if you would like to help.

One comment on “KENDRA MARTIN: Patient Squad”

  • It should be legal period, Marijuana needs rescheduled from Federal control hands, And put the power back into the people, it’s not the Federal governments decision to know whats best for its citizen, when it come to the well being of ones health, prosperity or way of life. That decision is up to the individual person, (The People ).

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