HB 185 – North Carolina’s Medical Cannabis Bill (2017)

North Carolina’s annual Medical Cannabis Bill  was introduced February 22, 2017.

UPDATE: North Carolina’s Senate introduced a companion medical cannabis bill, SB579. This senate bill marks the first time there have been medical cannabis bills alive in both chambers of the General Assembly.

UPDATE 2: SB 648 – Legalize Medical Marijuana was filed on 4/4 sponsors Van Duyn and Foushee, co-sponsors Smith Ingram and Waddell.

When HB185 was filed there were 12 sponsors and co-sponsors.

Sponsors include:

  • Kelly M. Alexander, Jr. (D-Mecklenburg)
  • Rebecca Carney (D-Mecklenburg)
  • Pricey Harrison (D-Guilford),
  • Rodney Moore (D-Mecklenburg)

Co-sponsors include:

  • John Ager (D – Buncombe)
  • John Autry (D-Mecklenburg)
  • Carla Cunningham (D -Mecklenburg)
  • Susan C. Fisher (D – Buncombe)
  • Edward Hanes, Jr. (D-Forsyth)
  • Yvonne Lewis Holley (D – Wake)
  • Philip A. Lehman (Durham)
  • Brian Turner (D – Buncombe).

If you have not contacted your representative about supporting this bill, please do so.

Find out who your representative is here.

Find out how to persuade your representative over time here.

If you do not agree with the laws, please do your part to change them. At a minimum, advocates should know who their congress members are and how they stand on the issue.


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