Matthew Maulding

This position is a perfect mixture of two passions that I have. The first is a love for working within a nonprofit organization. I am currently attending school to get my degree in public administration with a focus on Town/City Management. This degree is also very much geared towards non-profit organizations as well. My second passion is marijuana. For my entire adult life I have seen how marijuana can be used to help communities through a multitude of different challenges be it economic, healthcare, education, and homelessness. The very fact that recreational/medicinal marijuana reform has been proven to combat these issues, justifies why all states should desire to better themselves and the citizens they serve through marijuana reform. My goal is to work with my team of Directors and our members to revitalize the fight here in NC.

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Our issue in Raleigh

Lobbying tips for 2018 NC Legislators

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Marijuana Reform is Nothing Without Your Involvement

What does this mean? Part of the reason that marijuana reform is slow in North Carolina is because most people feel like if they get out and advocate for marijuana reform that, their boss will find out and fire them, they will get arrested, or something along those lines. It’s the scare tactics that weigh […]

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