Local Chapters

NORML is a grass-roots organization. That means, it is built from the ground up through a network of willing volunteers and fueled by financial donations. Most cannabis law reform advocates participate at the local level. We attend regular chapter meetings to learn more about ways to educate the public and sway our legislators’ votes in the General Assembly.  There are many ways to contribute that suit each of our personalities and strengths.

Would you like to get involved? Contact your local chapter today to learn more.

NC NORML of the Triad


: triadnorml@gmail.com
: TriadNORML.org

NC NORML of Raleigh

: facebook.com/TriangleNORML

Charlotte NORML

: clt420.norml@gmail.com
: 980-288-8704

Charlotte NORML’s Website

NC NORML of the Catawba Valley

: facebook.com/CatawbaNORML

: normlofcatawbavalley@gmail.com

Catawba NORML’s Website