NC NORML’s Revitalization Efforts for 2018

Since 2017 has almost come to an end, and we still do not have a comprehensive cannabis law on the books here in North Carolina, we have decided that NC NORML is going to step things up BIG TIME for our supporters and all the citizens in favor of marijuana reform in North Carolina. To do this, we are going to produce a plan-of-action for 2018 and schedule plenty of public outreach across the state.

We have collectively decided that our organization needs just that, organization. In order to better serve you we have decided to streamline our focus by creating a common annual goal, and a detailed plan-of-action to get us there. Ideally, we will be able to pass this down to the local chapters as well. This way, every one of our members can have access to what our updated goal is and how they can help to achieve this goal, keeping us on the same page, literally.

On top of our 2018 plan-of-action, we are going to make ourselves more visible and open to the public than we have ever been in the past. NC NORML is going to work in tandem with our local chapters in making our presence known throughout your community by attending local festivals, fairs, and frankly any other public event that we can be received at. We hope to have “Community Action Days”, in order to get our wonderful members and our message out in a positive manner. We will soon put together an “Event Outreach” form that you can fill out online to tell us about local events in your community that we need to look in to. We feel this is a certain way for all of you to feel more comfortable with getting off of your couches, stepping out in the activism scene, and hopefully into your legislative offices.

With these changes as well as some instrumental changes behind the scenes, we will be able to better provide you with the resources, education, and confidence to make being a marijuana activist easier than ever. Our goal is North Carolina marijuana reform. We feel strongly that with our new leadership, and with the organizational changes we are making, that we can accomplish this. Be sure to mark this website as a favorite on your browser so you can keep up to date with NC NORML and our local chapters. We look forward to fighting the fight with you, and helping us usher in the new generation of NC NORML.

Matthew Maulding, NC NORML Treasurer