Our issue in Raleigh



North Carolina is a state with Republican legislative control. To some this may seem like it extends the “ladder of legalization”, creating a tougher environment to pass marijuana reform. In reality, this may not be the case.

Usually, I can’t stand generalizations but one thing we can say is, all Republicans attempt to be very fiscally responsible. Being able to present the facts and information to republican legislators during lobbying, in a manner that shows evidence of steep revenue gains in states with such a Colorado.

According to a Post Independent article, Colorado has raised $90 Million dollars for the state in taxes, licenses, and fees from fiscal year 2013 to May 2016.

ArcView Group, a cannabis industry research firm, estimates that the legal marijuana industry in the U.S. could reach over 22 Billion dollars in total annual sales by 2020. Those are big numbers that resonates with republican representatives.

It’s also vital to show the medicinal side to Republicans too. Across the country, Republicans are starting to see and understand the medical qualities, usually by seeing it’s benefits in person.

Using these materials, we can craft our lobbying action to better suit the majority party that serves in Raleigh. We have to remember that legislators are very busy and hard working people that are often on a one track mind. By getting in front of them and making a physical presence in Raleigh is crucial.