Our 2018 Budget


This serves as a tool for our members to use for a reference of what funds we have, how we plan to use them, how your donation is used, and what method we have to replace those funds after they are spent.

My name is Matthew Maulding and I am the new Treasurer for NC NORML. As an organization, we have taken some heat over the last few months about if we still have our funds and if so, what do we plan to do with them. The below document is to show that not only that we have funds, but we have a strategic plan for them.

We know that in general, money goes “out” much easier than it comes “in”, but how can we create a budget that allows us to maintain or grow the amount of funds we have? Being involved in local government, I see that creating a self-sustaining budget is very plausible and necessary. Every fund must have an income along with its expenses. With every donation or membership, we will take a specific portion and designate it to a “Fund”. The General Fund, Advertising Fund, Transportation Fund, Contingency Fund, and Savings Fund are the funds that will receive a portion of your donation/ membership. Transparency is key. Although we won’t be able to please everybody and inevitably someone will have a bone to pick with our budget, most however, are enthusiastic and can see the overall benefit this will have for us.

I do plan on doing a presentation about the details of our budget in our meetings we are going to be holding across the state in 2018. This will give every member an opportunity to physically meet me, ask any questions about the budget in person, and get a better grasp on what the overall process entailed.

Please click the link below and see to it that you understand what we are doing and how your donation will be broken down. If you have ANY questions for me please feel free to email me at, treasurer@ncnorml.org

Thank You,

Matthew Maulding