Public Meeting Agenda 02/03/2018




Public Meeting Agenda



Holiday Inn Hotel & Suites Asheville-Biltmore Vlg Area

186 Hendersonville Rd

Asheville, NC 28803 @NorthCarolinaNORML

If you have any questions about any item on this agenda or if you need more information about any item in addition to the information contained in the agenda package, please call Treasurer Matthew Maulding at 828-455-8203 or email him at

  1. Call to Order
  1. Persons Requesting to Be Heard
    1. Anyone that would like to bring an item in front of the Board of Directors for discussion can do so at this time. This requires a majority vote by Board of Directors to consider. If approved, each person will be limited to 3 minutes.
  1. Special Presentations
    1. Guest Speaker, Congressional Candidate Phillip Price
      1. We are fortunate to have with us the congressional candidate for District 11 join us to speak about cannabis reform on a federal level and why he thinks it’s an issue that needs to be highlighted.
    1. Open Board of Director seat
      1. NC NORML has an open seat as the “Secretary” position. Duties and how to apply will be presented by NC NORML Treasurer Matthew Maulding
  1. Events
    1. Upcoming Events
      1. February 10th, Catawba NORML’s next public meeting will be at the Crescent Moon Cafe in Hickory, 4:20-5:30pm.
      2. April 20th, Catawba NORML will be holding their first annual fundraiser in Hickory or the surrounding area.
      3. March 3rd, NC NORML next public meeting will be located in Asheville, NC.
      4. March 17th, Charlotte NORML is having their monthly meeting from 1:00-3:00pm at “Seeds on 36th: Urban Garden Store” in Charlotte
      5. Mid-Late May, ALL NORML chapters within NC state lines will be participating in a “Lobby Day” which will take place in Raleigh, NC. Keep tuned for details.
  1. Strategy 2018
    1. Lowest level enforcement priority (LLEP) measures and medical cannabis resolutions are encouraged to be introduced at a local level until we can get legal access through the passage of medical and adult use cannabis legislation. This is a way of taking the focus off cannabis arrests, freeing law enforcement to work on more serious issues, and show that 80% of the state does support cannabis law reform.
    1. Arranging face to face visits with your representatives is another good way to let them know how many of their constituents support cannabis law reform. We elect our representatives to cast votes as the voice of their constituents. With a majority of citizens in North Carolina favoring cannabis law reform, our elected are not doing their jobs. We can no longer support those who continue to ignore all of the evidence showing cannabis to be a benign and beneficial plant that we should have safe access to.
    1. Preserving our rights to produce our own cannabis and possess enough to last an entire year is a focus of NCNORML as well. There are legal states where an ounce of cannabis is $500, this isn’t a reasonable option for a person who needs multiple ounces a month. Without the ability to provide for yourself in that amount or assign the plant count over to someone who is physically capable of growing, there will be problematic decisions for people. They will either be criminals for growing and possessing more than allowed, or having to go without the cannabis that they need.
    1. Since 2011 only one state has allowed home grow rights in the final version of their medical cannabis legislation. Recent trends are also going toward “oil only” laws that still outlaw smoking, dried flower, and home grow. Limited numbers of producers and retailers usually accompany these oil only laws. Restricting the methods of ingestion and competition in the market are not in the best interest of the people of NC. We must make sure this does not happen here.
  1. “Many Hands” Video
    1. NC NORML is producing a video and is in need of your help. The video will portray many different people saying the same script and through editing, will show how many hands can make a job easy, such as cannabis law reform. We need help from members like you, willing to read a provided script to a camera in a setting comfortable to you. This will be distributed on social media and the point is for it NOT to be anonymous.. If you are willing to help out, in front of or behind the camera, please see Abner Brown(Executive Director). He will go over the details, logistics and answer any questions you may have.
  1. Budget Presentation
    1. In our efforts to boost NC NORML into the spotlight, we have noticed that we need a professional and sustaining budget in place. The current serving NC NORML Board of Directors saw this need and moved into action; voting in the first organized budget in years. Matthew Maulding, the newly elected Treasurer, will present the budget and answer any questions about the budget following his presentation. (Exhibit I)
  1. State of the Chapters
    1. This is an opportunity for NC NORML to highlight what our local chapters are doing and their accomplishments. We will also show you who to get in touch with if you would like to join one of these local chapters. This will be presented by Tim Lounsbury, Deputy Director.
  1. State of Social Media
    1. Our social media has been in a “rebuilding phase” over the last few months. This section of the agenda will give us a chance to tell you about what we are doing and how you can get involved, how to get our action updates, and the rebuilding process. Our Communications Director Nikki Lambert will go over the details and answer any questions you may have about getting involved.
  1. What is National NORML doing?
    1. Here we will highlight the accomplishments and tasks that our National affiliate is currently working on. Also, how you can get involved and keep yourself updated with their progress. If you don’t live near an existing local NORML chapter, we can also show you how to start your own. Presented by Abner Brown, our Executive Director
  1. Matters Not On the Agenda (Requires a majority vote for consideration)
  2. General Comments by Board of Directors of a Non-Business Nature
  3. Adjournment