Off to the Races…I Mean…Marches?


So far, the start to 2018 has been a huge success. Our first two public meetings were a hit and people are recognizing the name NC NORML across the state. The cannabis movement is strong and ripe in North Carolina. We are a mass of energy slowly growing and getting stronger. Our duty is to help direct your energy in to action.

North Carolinians are pushing for action and because of that, we have three marches on Raleigh planned for 2018. The first one is this Saturday February 10th at 8:00am. This first one stands alongside all the fighters for the past 14 years with the Moral March. This march highlights multiple social, racial, and economic reform groups that push for change in NC, together.

The next march we have on schedule is the 4/20 march. This was actually two separate marches from two separate groups that we helped merge into the, “End Federal Prohibition Against Marijuana March”. This march will focus on marijuana reform at a federal level, in support of HR1227.

Last but not least, the final march on Raleigh will be on Saturday May 5th at Noon. It is part of the “Global Marijuana March” events taking place all over the world on that day. Everywhere from Germany, South Africa, Columbia, Sweden, Ukraine, and Mexico. Other US states include Colorado and Pennsylvania.

That sounds like a busy year…but we’re not done!! NC NORML is proud to present to you, NC NORML Lobby Day 2018! If you are a North Carolina resident and want to participate in your civic duty of personally lobbying your representatives in Raleigh for marijuana, register with us below and mark your calendar! When you register, we will get in contact with you, we will make appointments with your representatives for you, and then we will meet you in Raleigh on Lobby Day, Tuesday May 22nd.

On Lobby Day we will “huddle” at the South side of the NC Legislative Building at 10:30am to go over all the information in your official Lobby Day packet, answer any questions you may have, and help get you to your appointments. Afterwards, we will all reconnect and debrief before leaving.

Don’t worry about not having “experience”, or maybe you don’t have the confidence. We will be there to help you every step of the way. Our Lobby Day Packet will be so informative, anyone can lobby!! It is important to remember that a lot of time and effort will go into making sure you are prepared for Lobby Day so if you register, commit and mark this day on your calendar.

Also, if you live in Charlotte remember to come to stop number three along our state-tour! On March 3rd at 6:00pm we, alongside Charlotte NORML, will be hosting a public meeting with congressional candidate Christian Cano at the Holiday Inn & Suites Charlotte Center City.

2018 is huge year and we couldn’t be any more excited to bring all of North Carolinas residents the action they deserve. Now is the best time to be a member of NC NORML so go ahead and get that membership you’ve been contemplating. Please reach out if you have any questions or comments and don’t forget to register to join us on Lobby Day in Raleigh on May 22nd!

NC NORML Lobby Day 2018 Registration